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What you can do for Earth Day (and every day!)

Posted on 14 April 2019

Earth day is April 22!¬† ūüĆé

Here at NCLA, we believe every day should be a Earth Day, but we're using this upcoming Earth Day to remind us just how easy it is to make every day changes that make a HUGE difference for the environment!

1. Being in LA, we spend extra time at the beach. Beaches and even the ocean can be riddled with trash. Make sure to recycle or throw away anything you can to keep our beaches clean! 


2. Plastic Straws! They're one of the most trash collected items on and off the beach. They can do serious harm to animals, like sea turtles. There are so many alternative options like reusable metal straws and glass straws! Plus, they come in super cute pink options, so tbh, they're totally on-trend. We've linked some cute options here and here!   

3. Plastic Bottles! We can all do our part in our daily routine and cut out plastic bottles and disposable cups. There are endless reusable options out there, and it only takes a few extra minutes a day to make sure to use these sustainable options! We're huge fans of Swell who makes reusable options trendy.


4. Bring Reusable bags when shopping! Whether it's shopping for make up or shopping for groceries, this small effort can make a huge difference on the environment. We've made it easy and in celebration of Earth Day, we're including one FREE reusable tote with every purchase over $40. ( *while supplies last) 



5. Buy Local Produce: Not only are farmer’s market fun to go to, eating local helps save on energy and shipping (reducing emissions) + you support local farmers. It’s  a win win!

6. Be mindful about getting around! Whether it's striving for public transportation or walking, to carpooling with your gal-pals, try your best to limit your every day carbon footprint on the earth.


Earth day is April 22! We can all do better to make the Earth a better place! 


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