Bustle: Cardi B's Nails In The 'CLOUT' Music Video Included $10 Stickers


ICYMI, Cardi B's CLOUT music video is nothing short of perfection. The funnest part, her *as always* iconic nails were decked out in our Va Va Vroom nail wraps

"When it comes to celebrity nails, there may be no one whose claws are more famous than Cardi B. Even the rapper's nail artist is famous thanks to her work. However, that doesn't mean the looks aren't attainable. In fact, Cardi B's nails in the "CLOUT" music video included $10 nail stickers. The best part? You can still buy them. 

Now, let's be honest, you're likely not going to wear either of Cardi's outfits to work. However, you can rock her nail design. The rapper's racing-themed nail design was done by her long time nail artist Jenny Bui using $10 nail stickers from NLCA Nails, and they're still available." - BUSTLE

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