TODAY SHOW: Get Your Pumpkin Spice Fix with These 22 Beauty Products to Try for Fall

It’s that time of year again! (*whispers* Pumpkin Spice season)


You know, that weird transition between not wanting to let go of summer but also desperately waiting for Starbucks to bring back a certain drink recipe? Well fam, I’m here to tell you it’s back and better than ever - mostly because even more beauty brands are hopping on the Pumpkin Spice trend, so you can literally wear it from head to toe (and I guess inside and out too, if you’re going to be ingesting the real thing).



With that being said, TODAY’s Style Editor, Bobbie Thomas, rounded up 22 pumpkin beauty and bath products you need to try this Fall, and of course our star child So Rich - Pumpkin Spice had to be featured! Watch the clip below to see it’s 15 seconds of fame (okay, maybe more like 5 seconds - I counted) and all the other products on the market this season:


Believe it or not, the beauty aisle is now a top destination for #PSL. From deodorant to cuticle oil, perfume to lip balm, you can wear a touch of this sweet scent just about anywhere.


Just like everywhere else, Pumpkin Spice will only be in stock for a limited time - so get it while it's hot (or iced 😉).