BUSTLE: NCLA's 'Just A Girl' Nail Polish Collection Will Make All Of Your '90s Dreams Come True

BUSTLE is our *fave* go-to for all things relatable for a hardworking gal, in this fast-paced world. That’s why we all had a little fangirl moment in the office when they dropped this extensive cover piece on our new fall collection, Just A Girl (also don't forget to check out our extensive line of holographic nail polish).

They kept it all in true 90’s fashion, name dropping some nostalgic AF terms like “crimped hair”, “glitter nail polish” and “DeLorean” just to name a few. Like, what is our age again?!

You might not be able to jump in your DeLorean and head back to your favorite decade, but channeling your favorite '90s beauty trends is one way to take an effortless trip back in time. NCLA's 'Just A Girl' nail polish collection is the '90s inspired beauty flashback that you never knew you needed. Everything from the stunning shades to the cheeky names is all about the decade, and will let you relive some of the best '90s moments. Ya know, without the fried crimped hair.



Just like the decade itself, this 5-piece collection won’t be around for too long so enjoy it while you can and buy it here. And honestly, you *need* to read the whole collection breakdown on BUSTLE, so we'll make it easy on ya and put the link here