Meet the NCLA x Barbie Collection!

It's HERE! Meet the NCLA x Barbie collection!

As an ode to 90’s culture, NCLA Beauty has teamed up with Mattel to launch an exclusive, limited-edition collection of BarbieTM beauty products! The collection features nail polishes, lipsticks, cuticle oils, and nail wraps!



The NCLA Beauty x Barbie Collection elicits feelings of childhood nostalgia, boasting iconic Barbie colors and prints. From the packaging, the prints, the colors, and the names, this collection will take you back to the 90's! 

The collection features something for everyone!


Each nail polish comes in a miniature Barbie box! The details are an exact replica of a real Barbie box, even down to the plastic film! We can't even! Plus, Barbie's iconic silhouette on the bottle makes us want to collect them all!


We're totally obsessed with the four piece NCLA x Barbie lipstick collection! From pink semi-matte shades to tinting jelly balms, we have you covered. 


Ready to go Barbie all the way? These NCLA x Barbie nail wraps have some of her most iconic and recognizable prints! These easy-to-apply nail wraps are adorned with Barbie logos, Totally Hair Barbie, and all things 90's Barbie!

Shop the entire NCLA x Barbie collection HERE!