A Letter From Our Founder

Hi guys!

I’m so excited to share with you a top secret collection I’ve been working on since last year… NCLA x Barbie!

Collaborations have also been important for our brand, and not to mention fun! Since I started NCLA in 2011, there was one icon that I always dreamed of doing a collaboration with, and that icon was Barbara Millicent Roberts.


The NCLA brand is fun, female empowering, and most importantly, PINK! What better way to blend two brands than NCLA x Barbie?


What I’m most excited is that although we’ve done so many important collaborations, this is our very first lipstick collaboration. It was key to create colors that instantly reminded you of Barbie, while being versatile and wearable.


My vision for this collaboration was to take you back to the 90’s, playing with Totally Hair Barbie or Malibu Barbie or even just regular Barbie! Every single detail is created after a real Barbie pattern, quote, and not to mention a miniature Barbie nail polish box! Can you even!?


I hope you love this limited edition collection!

Can’t wait to see your NCLA x Barbie pictures!