Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day! 

Where do we even begin?! While it should be every day, we love to have a dedicated day to step back, reflect, and appreciate the amazing women in our lives. We're constantly inspired by women.

Here's a few of the women that are constantly inspiring us to do better, and remind us that we are better together, when we are all supporting each other.

Sivan Ayla - Where do we begin with this babe?! This mega-blogger has turned her success into not one, but TWO successful product lines. She's the CEO of bikini line Tan Lines and self-tanning cream Lux Unfiltered! The success of her two companies come from years of hard work building a brand, and we've loved seeing her process! 



Dana Ward/Barefoot Scientist - Founder of Barefoot Scientist and just all around bad-ass! Dana has always supported our brand simply because she has the biggest heart! Whether it's swapping stories or giving advice, she's a fellow female business owner we can always talk with and who support eachother!

Erica and Nicole - Could these sisters and business owners be any cuter? We can't help but have a soft spot for sisters who also own a business together! ;) These two girls own the cutest makeup brand, Half Caked Makeup! We love their products, and love that we support eachother's beauty brands! Girls support girls!


Tashina Combs/Logical Harmony - Tashina Combs has supported our brand since we first started! Tashina is a huge pillar of the vegan and cruelty free community, and the work she does is so important to both brands and her followers! We are so appreciative of the hours and hours she puts into Logical Harmony to making sure the brands she stands behind are 100% Cruelty Free and vegan. Her movement has become so important that in addition to other certifications, users all over the world are now only shopping #LogicalHarmonyApproved Cruelty Free brands. Thank you for being awesome, Tashina!

 Emilie Sanscartier/Le Manoir - Emilie is one of the hardest-working women we know! Founder of Le Manoir, she's created a world-wide destination for all things cool girl. Her team of nail stylists create perfect, flawless manicures. Le Manoir also has a perfectly curated selection of clothing, jewelry, and nails! 


Katie Rosen Kitchens/Fab Fit Fun - Katie Rosen is major girl boss goals! She founded FabFitFun, which now boasts over 1M subscribers! Curated by Katie herself, each box has lifestyle, beauty, and fashion essentials. 


Dominique Aimee/Haute Healing - From fashion stylist to anesthesiologist, Dominique already seems like superwoman. It doesn't stop there though, Dominique founded Haute Healing, an organization dedicated to helping chronically ill, terminally ill, homeless, or disadvantaged children and young adults beauty and grooming services and pampering products. It's women like Dominique who inspire us to want to find ways to give back, in any way we can!



Cathleen Cardinali/Thin Wild Mercury- Cathleen founded perfume brand Thin Wild Mercury, a totally LA inspired company with cool 70's vibes. We've seen Cathleen build this brand from Day 1, as she shares her behind the scenes of her at-home fragrance lab, to sourcing all of her packaging, we're here for all of it!


Mom ❤️- Of course, where would we be without the most inspiring woman of them all, our mom! A person who has constantly inspired us to be driven, self-motivated, independent, and most of all just to try to be the best person you can be.