A message from our founders.

The beautiful artwork compilation below are images and art we saw on Instagram that truly inspired us. Follow and support these artists below! We've linked them in order from L-R!




Dear NCLA family,
Like many of you, we have been closely watching the deeply painful experiences happening in our country right now. We have seen racial discrimination and violence happening in our communities. We are outraged by the murder of George Floyd and so many others.

We stand together with our customers, families, and friends in the black and POC community against racism of any form. We are a beauty brand, but we are human beings first, and feel it is our position to speak out against the injustices we see in our community.

We will be taking immediate action by donating to Black Lives Matter and NAACP.
Here are a few resources for those seeking to offer support:

Reclaim The Block
Color Of Change
Black Lives Matter
George Floyd Memorial Fund
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Buy Black Atlanta 

We love the accountability we are starting to see in the beauty industry. It’s long overdue to admit we can always do better. Our leadership team is compromised of just us two, but we promise that as we continue to grow, we will grow with a diverse team. When it comes to content creators and influencers, we will also always strive to bring you content with diversity. Beauty is for EVERYONE, and it’s up to beauty companies to make sure that message is heard, loud and clear.

We are listening to our community, customers, and social media followers to get educated on ways we can continue this progress. Although at times it may feel like a drop in the bucket, we know we are all stronger, together. 

Love, Anh-Thu & Elin