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NCLA Leads the Way in Cruelty-Free Makeup – The Future of Beauty Products

The testing of makeup on animals has been one of the most significant problems in the last few decades. Can you imagine, there are more than 115 million animals that are used worldwide for the testing of beauty products and the experimentation of several medicines? Is it worth it that the beauty product you are using comes from a company that harms poor animals just to make a fortune? Do you think you are inhumane like them too? Is it not time to go for a change and make sure that you are using cruelty-free makeup when there are companies that are making them?

Well, the decision is totally up to you, but when you do choose to shift to cruelty-free makeup products, you will be happy to know that they are available from various companies and they will not burn a hole in your pocket with their price. The entire concept of testing beauty products on animals is just ridiculous. Numerous companies opted out of using animals to test their products. This is the step that everyone should take because being superior to animals do not give us the right to harm them in any way.

Cruelty Free Makeup

So, what is it like to manufacture makeup products by testing on animals? If you don’t know the hidden truth then here it is: The animals are confined to very small cages, sometimes multiple species are kept in one single cage under inhumane conditions. In most cases, they are tortured, blinded, maimed, and ultimately killed after the experiment is done. The animals are caged when they are relatively young, and the breeding is done so that they fear to come out of their cages. Now consider the fact that you are using a beauty product that comes at the cost of torturing and killing so many animals. If ignorance is bliss for you, then you are probably one of those millions of people that don’t care about animals except for their pet dog or pet cat. But if you want to be the change, then start changing the beauty product brand, NOW!  

It is not that there are no alternatives to testing on animals, but there are companies that will try to logically explain that the testing is done to ensure that the ingredients in the products are safe for humans. That is a baseless logic. The companies that have started to manufacture vegan and cruelty-free makeup are using in vitro testing instead of experimenting the ingredients on the animals. This testing method is far better than animal testing. Another method that can be used as an alternative is the cultured cell tissue testing. This is the most advanced of all the testing methods because it gives the exact result of what the product will react like when it is used on human skin.

Use of tried and tested ingredients in non - cruelty free makeup brands

Generally, there are more than 7000 tried and tested ingredients that are used in the beauty products that you use. The sad part is the brands that manufacture these products still test these ingredients even after knowing that they are safe to use. This is an added torture on the animals. It means that you are intentionally harming the animals without any rhyme or reason. Had it been any new ingredient, it would still have been considerable but testing the same ingredients that have been proved to be safe is a sign that the manufacturers don’t care about the animals and their safety.

The much-awaited change to cruelty free products

With the introduction of so many brands that are manufacturing cruelty-free beauty products, it is high time that you respond to that change. Buying these products does not mean you are using inferior quality makeup. You are using beauty products that have been tested on human cells, and that is a huge advantage when it comes to understanding the reaction of the makeup on your skin. These products are clinically proven to work on humans and do not involve testing of any ingredients on the animals.

In addition to not having a guilty conscience of using animal-cruelty products, you will also be sending a big message to the brands that are involved in the torture of animals to make their beauty products. However, it has to be a collective change so that the message is loud and clear. It is said that money speaks in every industry. And, that is the bull’s eye that people have to hit if there has to be a change in the system. When you start using cruelty-free makeup, you will not only be doing a world of good to the animals, but you will make the big dictators of the industry think of the alternatives to animal testing. If there are thousands and millions of customers who welcome this change, then the day is not far when these companies will be forced to use cruelty-free techniques for their testing methods.

The laws that protect animals when testing cosmetics

Both PETA and ASPCA have come together to make sure that there are rules set to protect animals from being the Ginny pigs in the hands of different companies manufacturing beauty products. Some of the most common laws that are enforced and already running are Prevention of Cruelty to Animals that includes Care and Maintenance of Case Property Animals, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals that include Aquarium and Fish Tank Animals Shop, Regulation of Livestock Markets, and Dog Breeding and Marketing. All these come under one big shelter of stopping animal cruelty in all the industries. They are not just limited to the cosmetic industry alone.

To make sure that people know about different cruelty-free brands, PETA has released a list of company names that have passed all the tests and complied with all the mentioned regulations in the books of PERA and ASPCA. These are the companies that have different policies that are against animal testing. One of the makeup brands that have made a real name after the list came out is NCLA. They have committed to making sure that they do not use animals in any stage of their testing. The products are not only ethical, but they have begun the revolution of not using animals for testing purposes.

Another reason why NCLA has risen to the top is that the customer acceptance rate of their products is very high. They have numerous makeup products available and every one of them is free from animal ingredients. Many people have the misconception that brands like NCLA will be more expensive than their regular brand that uses animals for testing. That is completely wrong. NCLA has a wide range of beauty products that start from mid-range. They are quite affordable to any middle-class user, and there is no reason to believe that the prices are high.

To wind up, let’s take a look at the statistics from 2013 when there were 24,221 cats and 67,772 dogs that were used for testing ingredients and experimenting products on these animals. This is just for dogs and cats. The figure for rabbits, mice, and other animals would be better not to mention. By now you must have got an idea of how cruel the cosmetics industry can get when it comes to animals. So, get out of that bubble and make sure you start makeup that has not been tested on animals first before they come to you. A small step like this can make the world a better place for both humans and animals.