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What happened last night?!

Posted on 02 March 2017

We're obvs super disappointed our girl Beyoncé has to sit Coachella out this year but hi, babies first - so we can't be too mad! As far as your nails are concerned, every year we release a mini-collection of Coachella inspired nail wraps - some that super models enjoy and win awards (*wink*)... BUT THIS YEAR we decided to upgrade our Music Festival game to release a custom floral glitter nail lacquer. Introducing Flower Child!


What happened last night?! Yeah, we have no idea either. What we do know is... our brand new Coachella-ready flower glitter, Flower Child is the superlative way to add a little sunshine to your morning-after look.



Whatever side of the Coachella drama you're on, let's take a minute and reminisce on the glory that was the Video Phone video, for your Throwback Thursday jam of the week.

The dance sequence tho!!

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