REFINERY29: This Nail Polish Collection Is Perfect For '90s Music Fans


Oh. My. Lanta.


This Fall, we're planning on getting nostalgic AF at the NCLA headquarters with our upcoming 5-piece, mood-as-all-hell lacquer collection and Refinery 29 got the exclusive first look.


Sure, being new and relevant can be fun, but what's better than reliving your glory days by emulating your fave '90s babes?! That's where our Just A Girl collection comes in - 5 sultry lacquers named after some of our favorite lyrics by some *pretty* iconic bands (Nirvana, anyone?). 


Not only did Refinery 29 profile each individual color, but they included the corresponding music video, too - which is, like, totally rad of them and makes it really easy to jam out while you paint your digits. 


Here's what our best gal-pal, Sam Sasso had to say about each leading lady: 

 The fact that jamming out to Nirvana inspired a bright pink nail polish shade is surprising — just like the band itself.


This sparkling pink is perfect as a topcoat, but works just as well on its own. Similar to Courtney Love, there's just something about the glimmering polish you can't pull your eyes from.


The most subdued out of the collection, this hue is a milky greige that's flattering on all skin tones.


If you're going to name a polish after Morissette, it better be moody as hell. And this one totally meets the mark: The berry hue is pretty enough to wear year-round, but still lets everyone know to not fuck with you.


A white polish that doesn't look like Wite-Out on your nails needs a little more to it — like the gray undertones in this one.


 1990s gwen stefani no doubt 1990s music just a girl GIF


 If the world is forcing you to hold someone's hand, your nails better look damn good doing it, so you'll need to buy the entire collection asap.