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REFINERY29: The One Nail Polish Shade That Could Replace Your Go-To Nude

on June 20, 2017


We’re blushing!

One of the coolest nail babes on Insta RN, Jessica Washick, sat down with Refinery29 to talk about the hottest nail trend for summer - Sun-Kissed Nudes!



The color is also equal parts subdued, chic, and fun, and is sure to add a sunny feel to your manicure without clashing with your bright floral outfit. As Washick puts it, this is the nail polish equivalent to warming up your complexion with a bronzer — it creates the effect of sitting out on a beach all day, without you actually needing to.



Bronzer without actually wearing bronzer - we’re SO down. And she even name-dropped one of our nudes, Volume I, as a perfect go-to. The best part? It’s available in both lacquer and gel, for whatever your polish preference.



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