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Pups In Charge!

Posted on 23 March 2018

Meet the pups in charge at NCLA HQ! Their four paws mean they are extra efficient at excel, and can pack orders super quick. They love the fact that we are cruelty free and vegan, too! These pups get rewarded in treats and occasional paw-dicures.



Betty June Rockmore

Betty is Rory's 9-year old Shih-Tzu. She's had a little work done after moving to LA, so she looks a little younger than she is. She never misses a hair appointment, loves cheetah print, and refuses to work.



Choco is Elin's 1-year old Chocolate Lab. She still isn't over the fact that her name is Choco and she can't eat chocolate, but loves to going to work every day!



Nala is Anh-Thu's 4 month old Yellow Lab. She's addicted to puppychinos, can fall asleep anywhere, and loves the occasional paw-dicure.



Rose is Alex's rescue chihuahua mix. She howls on command, and not on command. Rose lives in a house of 5 dogs but is *paw-sitive* she's the favorite.



Hachi is Sophie's chihuahua-terrier mix. Hachi speaks Japanese just like Sophie!


Peaches and Simba

Peaches and Simba are Allie's two rescue cats. They are honorary puppies, and still think they have people fooled into thinking they are pups.



We love our furry friends! They are a huge part of our lives, and everyday is national puppy day in our eyes.


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