POPSUGAR: How Beauty Editors Sleep to Ensure They Wake Up Gorgeous

So happy to see our So Rich - Peach Vanilla Cuticle Oil (in it's glam NEW BOTTLE!) featured on the Popsugar's: How Beauty Editors Sleep to Ensure They Wake Up Gorgeous!

Beauty editors spend all day researching the latest innovations in self-care, attending events about the newest products, and interviewing industry experts. Along the way, they learn the best tips and tricks to wake up with a glowing complexion, baby-soft skin, and gorgeous hair.

When I got initiated into the beauty writer world, the term "beauty sleep" took on a whole new meaning. I used to simply shower, put on some lotion, and hop into bed. While average-consumer-me may have occasionally applied a clay mask, editor-me assesses her skin nightly and applies the appropriate serums, masks, and lotions. Although I had always been one to self-pamper, working in editorial introduced me to a plethora of new ways to take care of myself while catching up on some zzz's.



The secret to keeping your manicure looking good is keeping your cuticles moisturized and soft. If the greasy feeling of oil bothers you, try applying it before bed.


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