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POPSUGAR: 7 Gel Manicure Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Nails

by Rory Rockmore on January 03, 2017

These Popsugar. tips for not destroying your nails after a gel manicure are so legit. We're so happy to see our So Rich, Vitamin-E infused cuticle oil included as Mistake #2, Avoiding cuticle oil.



"Despite popular belief, oils, creams, and lotions have zero impact on your gel manicure's longevity. Once the formula has cured, you can apply them all you want. In fact, dabbing on cuticle oil regularly will actually help prolong the time between appointments.

“Nails are like a sponge. If they get dried out too quickly, it can cause the nail to pull away from the gel,” Elle explains. Instead, keep nails hydrated with cuticle oil and you will prevent this from happening. We like NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil ($16), which is loaded with nourishing vitamin E."


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