Our trip to Farm Sanctuary!

Located just 30 miles outside of LA, Farm Sanctuary is a rescue, education, and advocacy center. Their efforts work to rescue the precious lives of abused farm animals, all while raising the awareness of being cruelty-free and vegan.

NCLA has taken a stance against testing on animals, and using any sort of animal products or byproducts in our formulas, and we’re proud of it! If you want to read a bit more about our vegan and cruelty free ethics, click here.


So, we took a little team field trip to visit Farm Sanctuary’s California location, learn about their efforts, and meet some of the cutest farm animals ever! 🐄


Cows like Wesley here were rescued on the way to a slaughterhouse. These cows fell off the trucks as calves, and grew to be almost 7 ft tall, happy, and living on a sanctuary. Pictured is Sophie, for scale! 



These ladies are Ellis and friends, and they were serious fun. From being found on the side of the road, to rescued from awful farm conditions, these sheep are now living their best lives at Farm Sanctuary.



Why are sheep SO important to us? And what do they have to do with vegan lipstick?


Sheep’s fur produce Lanolin, secreted by their glands of wool. Lanolin is very commonly found in lipsticks and other beauty products to prevent the formulas from drying out.


Just because sheep’s wool is shorn, doesn’t mean this process is ethical. Farm Sanctuary taught us what these sheep really have to go through for wool or lanolin production. 


NCLA just doesn’t believe that furry friends have to suffer to make beauty products.


Instead, we use natural, hydrating, and nourishing oils like castor oil to keep our lipstick formulas from drying out. 



Farm Sanctuary also let us get down and dirty with pigs taking mud baths (on trend, tbh), meet goats who went from never walking to running around fields, and most important teach us why it’s so important to keep doing what we do.





To learn more, plan your visit, or donate, check out Farm Sanctuary here!