NCLA's Guide to Valentine's Day!

Fall in love... with your Valentine's Day look! Perfect for finishing off a romantic look, our Valentine's Day collection will turn any occasion into X's and O's!
It's not a real Valentine's Day if our cult favorite chunky heart glitter nail polish doesn't make a comeback! Who remembers our original nail polish bottle? Although our look has changed, Heart Attack is still the same, gorgeous, multicolored pink heart glitter nail lacquer! (left image is from our original launch 6 years ago)
What's special this year is that we've bundled up Rose Sheer and Heart Attack to create the ultimate Love Duo! Heart Attack is a loose chunky glitter that can be applied over any color until your desired coverage is reached. Swipe on, and arrange hearts onto nail with brush or dotting tool if needed!
The finished look is the cutest heart manicure.. ever!
We also brought back the *only* heart glitter cuticle oil - So Rich Love Potion!
In a fresh rose scent, this Vitamin E Infused Vegan cuticle oil contains iridescent glitter and floating hearts to help spread the love.
Finally, treat yourself to the ultimate lip care duo. We've launched a limited edition Red Rose scented lip care duo. The Sugar Sugar lip scrubs and Balm Babe lip balms smell like Roses and are made of 100% natural and vegan ingredients!
Let us know what you think! Show us your V-day look! Tag us #ncla for us to see your pics!