Meet: Megan


Name: Megan

Age: 26

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Location: Los Angeles via Belgium


Megan is DTLA's Belgian bombshell. She's currently working on her freshman line of swimwear MSM.LA. Megan is wearing the appropriately titled 2" Above The Knee... Yeah, Right yellow nail lacquer over her fierce acrylics - fitting because after you meet her the polish name is totally something you could see her saying.


We chose Megan for this campaign beyond the obvious that she's beautiful but also is one of those rare people whose personality lights the room - with a million dollar smile and a laugh that's undeniably contagious. We have to admit the hair flip photo below was ALL HER.



"Nails are an extension of your personality and the magical part of it is you can customize them according to your moods, inspirations, the weather, etc."



Bet you can't look at the rest of these pics without cracking at least a HALF smile: