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Meet: Jamison

Posted on 06 November 2017


Name: Jamison

Age: 26

Occupation: Writer & Film Maker

Location: Los Angeles


Jamison is an L.A. based writer and film student with a strong attention to detail... right down to his fingertips. We'll admit, Jamison typically favors a nail wrap as they're easier to apply and change with your mood BUT  for this shoot we got him in our watermelon red,  I Been Drinkin' from our Summertime High collection. It also didn't hurt that he's totally (like most living beings) a fan of Beyoncé so...



For this campaign it was important for us to showcase a variety of real people who *actually* use their nails as a form of creative expression — Jamison was the perfect fit, challenging the stigma that nail art is only for women.



Check out Jamison holding it down for the boys below:





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