MARIE CLAIRE.COM: The 6 Nail Color Trends We’re Obsessed With Right Now


We're obsessed with you, too, Marie Claire.


Fall nail trends are hitting our 'gram full-force this year and we ain't mad at it. Soft grays, berried hues, and deep tones are some of our faves (or maybe we're just talking about our Fall 2017 collection, Just A Girl...oops). Anyways, we were super stoked when we saw that featured one of our new leading ladies, I Wanna Wake Up Where You Are in their round-up of the 6 nail color trends we're obsessed with right now and we just have to say -- we're, like, totally blushing RN!  


2016 was the year of white-out nails that were so crisp and bright, they were almost blinding. But this fall, we're seeing a rise in creamy, barely there grays; just gray enough to feel understated, but still opaquely white enough to keep nails from looking dingy.


We'd have to agree - muted grays are definitely an NCLA office fave at the moment because they're versatile enough to take you from summer to fall, day to night. Who doesn't love a good shade that goes with *almost* everything in your closet (and that's a hard feat, TBH).


If you're wanting to have people obsessing over you + your nails this fall, then you should probably check out the full list here.