LAUNCHED: Summertime High


Hellooo Summer!


We’ve been patiently waiting for you to come since, I dunno, last summer? It’s whatever, we’re just happy you’re here now so we can launch our 3-piece Summertime High collection!


We can’t really remember how this collection came about - it’s a total blur. But what we do know is that these three lacquers are the ONLY thing you should be wearing to stay cool this summer. While the inspo behind each color may be NSFW, the lacquers themselves totally are. Meet this summer’s perfect trio of lacquer concoctions:



Can’t decide on just one color to splurge on? Go ahead and buy all 3 fine, fresh, and fierce colors from the collection and we’ll add in the cutest plush watermelon pouch to store them in (or whatever else *wink wink*).


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