HELLOGIGGLES: Here Are All of the Best Beauty Products That Launched This Week

The Sweetest!


The beauty editors over at HELLOGIGGLES just highlighted the best beauty products that launched this week - and our NCLA / Sivan Ayla collab was #1 on the list! 


Nail polish brand NCLA teamed up with lifestyle blogger Sivan Ayla on a collection that is perfectly L.A. The five-piece neutral and baby pink shades have the cutest names like Valley Girl, Donut Glaze, Rosé for Breakfast, Capri Sunset, and Tan Lines. If you want to buy the whole set, it comes in a donut box (screams!) and is on sale for $60!



Yup, you read that right - when you buy all five colors, we not only save you some dollars to put towards *real* donuts, but also include a super cute custom donut box! These colors are selling like hot cake-donuts, so eat 'em up before they're off the menu. (Too many food puns???)