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Glamour: The Best Winter Nail Polish Colors for 2016

Posted on 06 December 2016


The NCLA Pinks Collection in Bubblegum Pink was featured on Glamour's 'The Best Winter Nail Polish Colors for 2016' list!


"Ah, winter. We love you for so many reasons, but mainly because you're the perfect backdrop for a Starbucks cup and manicure Instagram. #Sorrynotsorry. So, on that note, we present our favorite winter nail colors—from cool-girl metallics to precious pinks—to give you endless options for this season. Even if you hate going to the nail salon, pick up a bottle or two and DIY it up next to the fireplace with Gilmore Girls playing in the background. Because is there anything like a fresh coat of polish to make you feel like you can run the world/the new year?"


Read the full article here!



"Re-live your best barbie memories of the '90s with this cool-toned bubblegum pink. If only it was half as fun to unwrap presents as it was back then..."


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