Founder + CEO Elin Dannerstedt is a FIDM grad!

Hi guys!

I had the amazing pleasure of working with FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise). We dived into my experience at FIDM, both during and after, and everything it took to create NCLA Beauty!

I graduated FIDM in 2003 and am still so appreciative of my time there. By going to a trade school, I was able to hone in on what I loved the most: creating products, selling products, and everything in between. I majored in product development, and although the industry has changed so much, I still use skills I learned in FIDM everyday.

I was able to connect with the FIDM marketing team to do a special interview, Instagram takeover, and get a chance to speak and answer questions to FIDM grads and prospective students.

I'll never forget attending FIDM and seeing or hearing some of their grads speak, not knowing that I'd someday be one of them!

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Elin ♥️