Eucalyptus: upgrade your shower game

At NCLA, we LIVE for things that make bath and shower time a little more luxe, a little more fun and a little more pampering.
When we design products, it’s all about creating a feeling of wellbeing, and delighting the senses, but it’s not always about the things we actually apply to our skin.
One of our favorite new ways to set the scene for self-care in the bathroom is using hero-ingredient, Eucalyptus. This Australian native is nature’s cure-all, famous for healing, relaxation, fighting bacteria and fungus, killing germs and opening up sinuses.
Rather than slathering it on topically in the form of oil (which is great too), lately we’ve been hanging eucalyptus from the shower head, which creates an earthy, day-spa-at-home vibe with several health benefits that we’re LIVING for. We even did a reel on this, which you can view here.
Benefits of hanging eucalyptus in your shower:
  • Smells amazing
  • Clears sinuses and airways
  • Kills bacteria in air and lungs
  • Calming and stress-reducing
  • Makes shower time feel like a day spa
  • Looks beautiful
  1. Get 4-5 stems of eucalyptus from your local supermarket or flower market (Wholefoods usually keeps Eucalyptus in stock)
  2. Remove the leaves from the bottom 3 inches of the stems
  3. Tie a piece of ~ 25-inch string firmly around the leaf-less base of the stems
  4. Create a loop and tie another knot with enough space to hang over your shower head
  5. Hang and enjoy – replace every 3-4 weeks or when smell disappears