E! News: You're Doing It Wrong: Removing Gel Nail Polish

Not only is this E! News step-by-step video super spot on, we love seeing our 'Mermaid Tears' scented So Rich Cuticle Oil featured as the final step!



If you can resist peeling off old gel polish, you're stronger than most of us. 

It's spring, so you're bound to opt to bright colors, like Selena Gomez's cerulean blue stunners. Two weeks (...or one bag of Cuties) later, you look down to an obvious chip in your nail. Everyone can see it. The sight of the imperfection makes you cringe, and your fingers instantly go to take off the remaining polish. Sure, peeling the polish is a temporary solution to appearing "unkept," but it's causing your nail beds a lot of damage. 

If you peel off the polish prematurely, you will also take off layers from your nail beds, leaving them vulnerable to breakage and peeling. If you don't, you'll have to walk around with chipped nails. Sounds like you're in a tough spot.


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