Celebrate AAPI Month + the launch of Lychee Martini body scrub!

The best part about AAPI month is when we get to celebrate with other AAPI owned brands! The fabulous Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills hosted an AAPI event, where we got to debut our NEW Lychee Martini Body Scrub! 

We arrived early to set up our latest and greatest product: the brand-new Lychee Martini Body Scrub. Our guests and influencers were treated to an exclusive first look, and we created stunning displays featuring the scrub and of course real Lychee Martinis so everyone could experience the irresistible scent.

A huge thank you to Crustacean for the perfect Lychee Martinis that complemented our displays beautifully. The restaurant also served up an incredible array of dishes, including An’s famous Garlic Noodles, delicious cocktails, and more!

We loved meeting so many of you, sharing our stories, and most importantly, sending guests home with a full-size Lychee Martini Body Scrub!

Images by @rigityroach

Happy AAPI month, everyone!


Elin & Anh-Thu