Behind The Scenes! Meet: Mel Shengaris

Meet Mel Shengaris! You can find Mel where the A-listers are! From behind the scenes of an editorial shoot to prepping stars for red carpet events, it's no surprise Mel is one of the most sought after celebrity nail stylists in LA! Her celebrity clients include Alessandra Ambrosio, Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajowski, and more!
Q: When did you start doing nails?
A: I started Nails when I was 18, I retired as a dental assistant, as nails were calling me!! 
Q: Where are you originally from?
A: Born and raised in London, UK, Boeing. Living in Santa Monica, California, living the dream :)
Q: What is your favorite NCLA Color?
A: On Sundays we brunch- I’m obsessed with so many of the colours, but that’s my absolute fav! 
Q: What's your favorite part of LA?
A: Favourite part of LA is the ocean! The beach at sunrise or sunset, gets my soul in the best place. 
Q: Round or Square?
A: Almond! The most elegant looking shape, the nail shape I dream off as I have stubby hobbit hands and nails 
Q: What's your biggest nail no no?
A: biggest no no, DON'T PEEL YOUR FREAKIN GELS!!! Leave them alone!! 
Q: Nude or red?
A: How can I choose?! Red is the most elegant, classic nail look but nude is so my jam. Ok, nude. 
Q: Favorite NCLA Cuticle oil scent?
A: I’m obsessed with the new lollipop scent. It's soooo sweet and yummy. 
Q:  Any advance on girls that want to start a career in nails?
A:  Practice, practice, practice. And be willing to work hard and get amazing experience! 
Q: If you weren't a celebrity nail stylist, what would you be doing?
A: Something in the art industry, which avenue I’m not sure, but something creative and detailed. I always like the idea of fashion design, but I’m not cool enough!!! *NCLA edit: yes Mel, you are the coolest!*
Q: Fav LA salon?
A: Color Camp (+ they carry NCLA!)
Q: Any tips to make your mani last longer?
A: Wear gloves and just be kind to your hands! The harder and more careless you are with them l, the worse for your manicure. Also oil those bad boys up all the time!!